The NICOLAS Tractomas

We have been contacted beginning of this year by the TII Group (mother company of equipment manufacturers Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag) to realize one of their most popular products as a 1:50 scale model: the Nicolas Tractomas.

This giant heavy haulage prime mover (which btw is listed in the Guiness book of records) easily overshadows any normal truck


Since 35 years the Tractomas are produced in the small village of Champs-sur-Yonne near Auxerre. These trucks have to withstand any climate, from arctic cold to deserts and any transport task, from mining to heavy haulage to military applications.
For that the current Tractomas is fitted with a 1000 hp engine and can pull a gross vehicle weight of astonishing 500 tons. 

The 8x8 version has the dimensions 10,87 x 3,48 x 4,18 meters, the 1:50 scale model therefore is 21,74 x 6,96 x 8,3 cm big.
We at Tonkin have been very enthusiastic on this project right from the start. After only 3 months of planning, drawing and 3D construction the first prototype stood on our desk in our office in Holland.

We have refined this prototype to meet all requirements of the customer and fulfill our own demands to the maximum. After 2 more months we were able to start the first castings.
In only 8 months total time the first Tractomas metal models arrived in Holland, including a newly developed packaging and a shipping box. To round things up we added a small brochure with some technical data and  abit of history.

And so we proudly present: the Nicolas Tractomas in 1:50!

If you watch closely you can see the cooling fans detailed behind the grills

The model comes with 2 pins. They are used to secure the bullbar.
This model is now available via our dealer network.